Monday, 9 February 2009


I guess it's like the calm before the storm. The kids are napping, and I've got some space to think. I need to meditate, I need quiet, I need time in my studio. Once an art teacher told me to just spend time in your studio, and I do feel that that helps, to just be there with those ideas for a while and if nothings coming then something eventually will if you keep at it. It's important to keep doing the things we believe in, or feel passionate about. Painting's something I just can't get away from. Since we moved to England I haven't painted much, my boys have taken up alot more time than before and I've been side tracked with crafty things, but about a month ago I finally created a small studio space and it just feels so good to be in it physically and with my thoughts. I'm not sure where I'm going though, I've been working on a new book project which has been fun, new collage images. And I started a new oil series, white on white. I'll have to write down my musings about white, but that'll be for next time...

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