Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Seasonal Steiner Craft Activities

This is a list of craft activities that worked for me in our Parent & Child Group. Most are activities for the parents to undertake while the children play, older children usually are keen to do them as well. Some of the crafts are for young children though. Some of the activities I found in All Year Round, or the Children's Year, and some I've just made up. I hope this is helpful, and let me know if you want to know more about doing a certain craft!

· Small cloth people, wool for head (wool, string, small coloured squares of cloth)
· Butterflies (string, pipe cleaner, coloured tissue paper)
· Drawing (paper, block crayons-usful to always have as an option)
· Dandelions (green & white fleece, string, yellow felt)
· Paper birds (paper, sticks, needle & thread)
· Pinecone birds (pinecones, string, stick, feathers, beezwax for beak)
· Paper boats (crayons, paper)
· Rag doll gnome(fleece, thread, two colours of cloth for body and cap)
· Wool birds on a stick (white & yellow fleece, thread, sticks)
· Small felt gnomes (fleece, thread, felt)
· Hanging pinecone gnomes (pine cones, string, felt, fleece)
· Bouquets of lavender (lavender, ribbon)
· Ribbon ankle bells (wide and thin ribbon, bells)
· Potpourri sashes (cloth, ribbon, spices)
· Felt ball (colours felt, needle/thread, fleece to stuff)
· Leaf drawings on canvas or paper
· Beanbags with ribbons (cloth, needle/thread, beans/rice, ribbons)
· Boot gnomes (clothes pegs, felt, needle/thread, fleece)
· Sewing books
· Pinecone people (glue, cloth scraps, conkers, pinecones)
· Leaf pictures or lanterns(stock paper, tissue paper, leaves, glue)
· Snowflakes (paper, scissors)
· Cleaning wool fleece
· Fleece Sheep (pipe cleaner, brown/white fleece)
· Aprons for the group (tea towel, needle/thread, ribbon)
Possible: (haven't done these yet, but would like to...)
· Cloth and crocheted rope
· Stick spinning
· Felted horse head, older children
· Felted rock
· Felted bracelets
· Bark boats
· Hanging puppets

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