Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Steiner Inspiration

I've been leading a Steiner parent & child group for the past year already. It's been a challenge and a joy. We make bread, have a crafty activity for the parents and older children, sing some songs and eat our warm bread rolls for snack. It warms the heart and I usually walk away tired, but happy that my boys have been able to have this wholesome experience. It takes me back to my childhood and my Waldorf experience of gnomes and faires and make believe play. It also gets me going on lots of crafty projects, making puppets, dolls, wood working, and loads of easy projects with them too, regularly painting with the wet on wet method and drawing with block crayons. It's brought alot back into my life that really helps with parenting, rythm and ritual which is so important at this age and seems to bring everything together and minimize upsets. Just bringing songs into our daily routine does wonders, a candle at mealtimes, some music at bedtime.

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